So begins flower mania

You know those people who say, "Find your passion and do what you love"? I generally want to kick them! Some people undoubtedly know from an early age what they love and what to do with their lives. Others have the luxury of dabbling in their interests until they find what sticks. Some are born entrepreneurs with capital available.

Then there are the rest of us.

We spend most of our lives working averagely satisfying jobs putting a roof over our heads and food on the table, paying bills, building a family and hoping not to get laid off. We ask ourselves what we want to do when we grow up into our thirties. By forty we're laughing at ourselves for still not having figured it out.

This certainly describes me until I found flowers! I discovered my mania for flowers kind of by accident. When the hubs took a job in Westchester County, NY, I was bereft at leaving my beloved North Carolina and all of my people there.  Moving to a strange land without BBQ and biscuits and my friends left me lonely and miserable for 9 months. Finally I decided I needed to do something. All I was doing was throwing myself into my corporate work, exercising, reading books. Here we were living 40 minutes by car or train to the greatest city on earth. I had to get out, find something to do in this glorious city. 

A parishioner had given my husband a gift membership to the New York Botanical Garden in thanks for a religious service he did for her family (he's an Episcopal priest). NYBG has wonderful adult education programs. When the program bulletin arrived, floral design caught my eye. Flowers are pretty, and I'm vaguely crafty so why not give it a try? It's also a pretty good skill for a priest's wife to have.

Off I went to my first class in October 2015. I was only planning to take one class, but it was fantastic!! I also seem to have a natural eye for it which is helpful (though surprising). It has been totally transforming. In April I set up my own floral design company and I already have some weddings lined up. For now, this is a part-time venture as I do have a day job, but who knows what the future holds! 

I may have found my passion, but my advice to people who haven't is to be curious. Try stuff. Learn. Look around. Talk to people. And it's never too late. Julia Child's cooking career didn't take off until she was in her 50's.